Election 2017 Leaflet

The most important leaflet in the General Election 2017 campaign for the Green Party in Cambridge was the one that would be sent to every single member of the electorate – a print run of 57,200 leaflets. Of course, this was printed on 100% recycled paper.

The design ensured this investment would perform triple duty:

  1. When Z-folded, both sides of the leaflet could function as the ‘front’. No matter which side landed on the doormat, an important headline would face the voter – even if they never bother to open it.
  2. Opening either way, the leaflet itself contained a concise summary of the candidate’s key policies as well as links for keen supporters to get involved in the campaign.
  3. The back of the leaflet doubled up as a poster that supporters could display in their windows. This ensured every single support who wanted to do this was equipped to do so.

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