We bring information into focus, and give ideas room to breathe.

Complex ideas or information can get lost if they’re presented as a dense block of text or numbers. We create documents that truly communicate.

Whether it’s a report, a guide or an article, professional typesetting and document design is the difference between whether the ideas are understood your readers, or stay stuck on the page.

Applying design to words and numbers.

: Text

First and foremost, the text needs to be well-written: lucid, succinct, organised. We can edit your text or write from scratch to ensure the most important ideas jump out.

: Graphics

This doesn’t mean decoration, but rather the careful and considered introduction of icons, supporting imagery and colour, to help the reader understand and remember the key points.

: Layout

Sometimes it’s important a document fits onto a single page; other times it’s far better to spread it out over several. A clean, clear layout dramatically enhances how easy a document is to read.

A new standard for your documents and reports.

: Formatting/Typesetting

We can take an existing document – or just the plain text – and professionally typeset it to bring its contents to life. We can do this even while keeping it as a Word file (.docx) so you can continue editing it in its new style.

: Infographics

Sometimes, data or information needs to be visualised before it clicks. We create diagrams and infographics that make your concepts clearer, as well as making them attention-grabbing and impressive.

: Templates

We’ll set you up with Word templates that match your brand and ensure every document from then on looks brilliant, effortlessly. We can even set it so this template opens automatically every time you start Word.

: Training

As well as teaching you and your team how to use Microsoft Word’s most useful and lesser-known features, we’ll give away the trade secrets on how to write clearer, more compelling text for all kinds of documents.