Exploring the brand landscape to find a new home

Project: Brand Strategy

Epito came to us with a complex, multi-faceted business whose brands and sub-brands had developed organically. It was time to think about whether and how these could be integrated.

Strategy: Workshop

We conducted a workshop with key decision-makers to help them consider the best approach for their business. This first encouraged discussion of potential brand strategies, before delving into their customer’s needs and pain points, how their business uniquely addressed these, and the emotions their brand should evoke. Finally we created a “wall of brands”, combining both well-known and domain-specific brands, which participants critically reviewed. This helped to determine the design approach that would work best for them.

Brand Creation: New Brand

The final logo used a geometric font with letterforms based on simple circles, to emphasise the brand’s clear, plain-talking approach. The first two letters were highlighted and joined to form a hidden infinity symbol, representative of the ongoing client relationship, and also to encourage correct emphasise when the name is pronounced.

Brand Rollout: Brand Guidelines

The new brand was delivered with an accompanying Brand Book that clarified how the logo should and should not be used, for the best design results.



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