Changing minds at a time of change

Project: General Election 2017

Virgil Ierubino (MD at Convincible) ran the Green Party’s General Election campaign in Cambridge in 2017, hitting new milestones for the party’s reach and mindshare among the electorate.

Even with a miracle, winning was an impossible goal for a small party in 2017. Being realistic about this allowed us to focus the goal toward communication, and so to direct the party’s energies appropriately. We achieved a new level of engagement and broke new ground for the party in Cambridge.

Print Design: Making every leaflet worth ten

Leaflets are the core of a political campaign. With the Greens – who send an order of magnitude fewer than other parties – every item needs to have 10 times the impact. We had just a few weeks to design and deliver over 90,000 leaflets.

Project Management: 8 weeks where every second counted

Elections are time sensitive – especially when in 2017 a Snap Election was called with just 8 weeks from announcement to polling day. Constant and clear communication was key to maintaining a tight ship, motivating an army of volunteers, and getting maximum value from PR opportunities in the local and national news.

Video Production: Engaging emotions with narrative

We produced, filmed and edited a ‘hero video’ featuring the MP candidate, which became the centrepiece of the digital campaign. Alongside this we produced a series of short, sharp animations designed solely for social media sharing.

Messaging: One concept to rule the campaign

With such a short time-frame, and so much political noise, we needed a simple, central concept to reinforce with every touchpoint. “It’s time for action” was emphasised with the visual metaphor of Big Ben striking ‘Green’, reinforcing the party’s serious contention for Parliament.

Copywriting: Getting across ideas in just a glance

Political copy has a reputation for being dry. It’s also got a reputation for going straight in the bin. We needed to cut through the mounds of leaflets piling up on every voters’ doorstep. We did this through striking visuals, bold and simple headlines, and succinct wording that gets the point across even if you only glance.

Social Media: Spreading the word virally

Facebook allowed us to maintain contact with supportive voters throughout the campaign. We garnered thousands of likes, comments and shares, which served to spread the message – at zero cost. This was bolstered with a hyper-targeted advertising campaign that made optimal use of donated funds.

The quality of this election campaign, in such a short timeframe, was down to Virgil’s [MD at Convincible] fantastic drive and organisation.

Convenor for Cambridge, Green Party of England and Wales



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