Telling a 3,200-mile story in 8 metres

Project: Grand Tour Exhibition

In 1872, the Peckovers of Wisbech embarked on an incredible journey across the Continent: the Grand Tour. We told their complete story, for the first time, within the exhibition space at the National Trust’s Peckover House.

Display Boards: Making a 19th Century story resonate today

We condensed the story of the Peckover’s journey into just 8 individual metre-wide visual boards. The design ensured that the primary text and images would be presented at eye-level, at a highly readable font size, with varied layouts that invited exploration. Each board posed a question to spark curiosity.

: Digital displays and signage

We also created all the signs, labels, posters and digital displays for the exhibition, providing a complete design service.

: Restoring the details

We used cutting-edge image upscaling and restoration techniques to reveal the original colours and tiniest details of the watercolour paintings that the Peckovers painted during their Tour. These were printed, in some cases, at 140cm across (based on original paintings just 20cm across), without losing any clarity or crispness.

Convincible’s highly professional work elegantly captured the essence of the story. They were invaluable in creating a first-class visitor experience.

Exhibition Curator, Peckover House



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