Catching attention with more relevant ads

Project: Online Dictionary Advertising

For millions of learners of English, the online Cambridge Dictionary is an invaluable resource. To make them aware of the other publishing Cambridge has to support them, we created a series of targeted ads and landing pages that focus on the value to the learner.

Animation: Using animation to clarify the message

All ads use subtle animation to attract attention (without being too obtrusive) and also to allow the message to develop over a few seconds. This allows the ad to include more engaging textual and visual prompts, without this having to be crammed into a single image.

HTML5 Rich Media: Optimised to load fast

Under the hood, the ads were constructed in HTML5. Images and codebase are optimised to keep filesize low, so ads load fast. They don’t display until the rest of the page is ready (“polite loading”) and don’t animate unless they are on screen.

Targeting: Targeted for relevance

Each ad targets a defined customer profile who is looking to improve their English in the particular skill area offered by the related book. Because the ads were relevant and clear, the click-through rate was many times higher than the site average.

User Flow: Simple landing pages

Users clicking an ad would arrive at a clearly laid out landing page where they can learn more about the book, see other related books, and choose to purchase.



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